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Consult the Tarot

The Tarot can give a great deal of insight into your life situation, helping you unravel the issues behind problems and giving a new perspective from which to make decisions. I perform readings in Ealing, West London, but if you can't travel to me I give remote readings, usually via Skype (so the call doesn't cost you anything).  I also give readings at events, run workshops and give talks.

Latest news: I'm currently taking a break from working with clients, but I am going to be keeping up with my blog. It will continue to cover all things magickal, spiritual, Tarot and… well, weirdshit… Have a look here.

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Other services

I am also available to read the Tarot at functions, or to give talks about the Tarot or my other work.

More about events

If you'd like to learn more about the subjects covered on this site, I run occasional classes and workshops.

More about tuition

Would you like to talk in greater depth about life, magic or weird shit? Do you have a different kind of problem you think I could help with?

More about personal development

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