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Hi there.  I'm a Tarot Reader, Hypnotherapist and now Blogger based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.  I've been using the Tarot for about 25 years now, and doing professional readings since 2004. I've started using the Tarot when I realised it worked – really worked – and I've been rather fascinated by that fact ever since.

My background is actually scientific – I have a degree in Physics – which may explain why I became so fascinated with the Tarot – this kind of thing isn't supposed to work.  We don't have an explanation.  And yet it really does work, and it really is very useful.

When I first realised that Weird Shit was real – really real, it was going on all over the place and most people just didn't talk about it, or chose not to notice – I began trying to find out as much about it as I could (you can read about what, exactly, I mean by the term weirdshit here).  But I quickly became frustrated with the 'woolly thinking' and, frankly, the amount of bullshit that was present in so much of the spiritual/magical/occult world. I developed the '90% bullshit' rule – it struck me that 90% of everything written about Weird Shit was going to be Bullshit. I later renamed this the '95% bullshit' rule.

Hence, in my own small way, I'm trying to do my bit to improve the quality of thinking, writing and discussion about spirituality and magick. I would never claim to know The Answer to anything, but I'm trying to express my views and experiences as clearly as possible.