Keep checking this page, as I'll be adding new articles on all areas of Weird Shit, as well as updating the various pieces already here.

  • Life as a Magickian

    I'm a practicing magickian. It's the way my spirituality expresses itself. When I say this to people I often get a slightly confused, even suspicious, look – many people don't know quite what I mean. This is my attempt to explain just what it is that I mean.

  • Great books about spirituality and magick

    I'm occasionally asked to recommend books for people who are interested in Tarot, spirituality or magick. There are an awful lot of books out there on all of these subjects, but in my experience there really aren't all that many good ones. This is a collection of books that I consider really worth a read if you want to expand your knowledge.

  • Why get a Tarot Reading?

    You may be considering getting a Tarot reading, but perhaps you aren't entirely sure about what will be involved, and what benefit it could be to you. Here are a few things to think about when considering getting a professional Tarot reading.

  • How does the Tarot work?

    If you're curious as to how the Tarot achieves what it does, here are some theories and discussions about how a simple deck of cards can be a powerful tool for analysis. There may not be any firm answers, but there are at least some ideas to think about.

  • Places to go and people to meet

    Clients quite often ask me how they can find out more about all things weird-shit, or how they can meet other people with similar interests to themselves. This is a brief round up of some of the events that happen in London which are an excellent starting point to meet new people and find out new things.

  • The Weird Shit Not Bullshit Quiz

    I was recently asked to set a quiz for a group of people – this is the result. It takes in all kinds of Weird Shit related topics, like the occult, mythology, and general alt-culture stuff. They complained it was too hard. See how you do by comparison.

  • Weird and Wonderful Places

    This is a quick guide to some places I've become fond of over the years which have something distinctly Weird Shit about them – an atmosphere, an energy, or some odd things happening at them. Details of stone circles, odd churches, and more can be found here.

  • Weird and Wonderful Things

    As a compliment to places, here are some odd objects you might want to have a look at. All are a little peculiar one way or another – soon you'll be able to read about a set of curiosities tucked away around the country, but for now read about an alarming statue of a goddess. Find out more about them, then go have a look for yourself…

  • Links

    A few links to other useful or friendly sites.