Some links to some nice people:

Drawing Down the Stars
I find Astrology to be an interesting compliment to Tarot. Whilst tarot is particularly good for getting an answer to a question in the moment – focusing on a single idea, problem or a particular aspect of the self – Astrology for me has offered a way of seeing my life over a longer time scale, looking at the way my personality influences my life over years and for getting a sense of the natural cycle of time and events. Andre Henriques is a superb astrologer – by far the best I've met – who gives key insights and practical advice. I'd wholeheartedly recommend taking the time to get a consultation or two with him in order to develop a new language for speaking about and understanding your life.

London Tarot
A site which links to other Tarot readers working in the London area – look out for information about upcoming courses and events.

Online Clarity
Hilary provides excellent online I-Ching readings as well as teaching the I-Ching through a number of different classes. The I-Ching gives a different perspective on events and situations to the Tarot, working with traditional images and wisdom which one can spend many hours considering afterwards. The I-Ching responds to very direct questions – it's not a matter of fortune telling or prediction but of getting a clear sense of the transformation one is capable of and how to take the best steps to work with those changes.

If you've got any other suggestions for other sites to link to, contact me and let me know your thoughts.



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