Places to go and people to meet

Several clients have mentioned to me that they've had trouble meeting other people with similiar interests in spirituality, the occult, or weird shit generally. Others have said they'd like the chance to learn more about these topics, but don't really know where to begin. In London we are actually quite blessed by the number of groups that meet regularly, and talks that are put on each week. However, you have to know where to look. So here is a rough round-up of some useful links to meetings and talks that you might find interesting.

Note: this is not designed to be a comprehensive list in any way, these are just a few of the places that I've stumbled across over the years. You may not find them all to your taste, and they may not all be that interesting – but at least you'll know more about what's going on out there.

The Secret Chiefs
A fortnightly get together for those interested in paganism and the occult. There is a talk each meeting, by a guest speaker, and the chance to chat to other people before and afterwards. Held in a pub in central London. Talks vary from folklore, mythology, pagan religions, to contemporary issues about Paganism.

The Moot with no Name
Similarly to the Secret Chiefs the Moot with no Name meets every fortnight for talks and the chance to socialise. Again they meet in a central London pub.

Treadwells is a wonderful second hand bookstore in Covent Garden that also hosts a series of excellent talks on various occult matters. They have somewhat of an academic bent, but an evening in Treadwell's also gives ideal opportunity to chat and meet no people. Treadwell's is an excellent social hub for people interested in things occult.

The Earth Mysteries Group
A group which gets together twice a month to give talks and discuss issues related to earth mysteries – stone circles, lay-lines, Glastonbury, and the like.

The Dark Arts Society
For more of a gothic bent, the Dark Arts Society put on talks and events featuring a weide variety of subjects, from poetry, short stories and films, to talks on supernatural and occult subjects.

If you've got any other suggestions for good places to go and people to meet contact me and let me know your thoughts.