Card of the Day – 4 of Wands, Completion

I'm going to write about the meaning of the Tarot cards in my deck, but rather than doing it in some dull old logical order I thought I'd just cut one out of the deck when I have the time and see which one turned up.  With time this may even turn into a complete, if slightly eccentric, guide to how to read the Tarot.  I'll also try to figure out if they are turning up randomly or if there's some meaning in which card turns up at which time.

Card of the Day – 4 of Wands, Completion

4 of Wands from the Deck of Thoth - CompletionAnother wands card, so again we are in the area of fire – passion and enthusiasm, those things that drive us and move us.  But this is an unusually calm wands card – the reason is very much in the title – Completion.  At this point we've actually got something, we've finished, we've got things in place.  Simply by looking at the card we can see that the wands are in balance with each other, the figure is nicely symmetric and in the middle, things aren't bursting out all over the place but instead they seem quite comfortable and contentedly in place.

If this card comes up to refer to the person that I'm reading for, then the phrases I will often use is 'you've got what you need' or 'everything is in place'.  It refers to the fact that a person has the resources that they need to deal with a particular situation, or that they are no longer dependent on external support, are, in some ways, self contained.

It's meaning when referring to an external issue or project is rather more clear – Completion tells you what it means.  Things will tend to get done, fall into place, reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Occasionally this card will appear to refer to a relationship and in that case the meaning can be a little more complex.  It can, depending on context, simply refer to the fact that things will fall into place with the current phase of the relationship (particularly good news if a couple is, say, going through a difficult move, or are trying to settle after a period of stress or disharmony).  However, sometimes it can say something that is a little more difficult to convey.  The positive nature of this card will always be present, but not necessarily in a way that the client is expecting.  So referring to the future of a relationship it may mean something along the lines of "This relationship will come to an end soon, but you will walk away without regrets, and with little pain, knowing that it has run its course and there is really nothing to be sad about."  Most people are deeply fearful about the end of any relationship so trying to tell them that their relationship is going to come to an end – but in a good way! – can be a little difficult.

As a card for the day Completion is very positive – it suggests it will be a good day for making progress, for getting things finished, and perhaps for dealing with difficult tasks that have been hanging on for a while.  It suggests that things will finally, finally, get done – probably with few, if any, lose ends.  Which is always nice to hear.

2 Responses to "Card of the Day – 4 of Wands, Completion"

  1. Maggie Weathers says:

    Love what I have read here about weird shit. Couldn't agree more. Very refreshing.

    I've practiced tarot, astrology and the I Ching for over 20 years myself, and feel equally scientific/pragmatic in my approach.

    Wanted to mention about this card: it can indicate a joyous, satisfying break and reprieve or holiday. It can be celebratory as well. It is the restful creative, a peaceful rejuicing of energy. And yes, if exertion is necessary, it is very easy. Just saying, because I mostly see it turn up this way in readings.

  2. Warlock says:

    Thanks for the comment – yes, that idea of a 'joyous, satisfying break' makes a lot of sense to me. I'll have to watch out for that meaning emerging in my readings.

    Perhaps that's satisfying, then, that this particular post went up just before I took a holiday myself – which was quite joyous and rather satisfying.

    Thanks for the input!

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