Card of the day – 7 of Disks, Failure

I'm going to write about the meaning of the Tarot cards in my deck, but rather than doing it in some dull old logical order I thought I'd just cut one out of the deck when I have the time and see which one turned up.  With time this may even turn into a complete, if slightly eccentric, guide to how to read the Tarot.  I'll also try to figure out if they are turning up randomly or if there's some meaning in which card turns up at which time.

7 of Disks, Failure

7 of Coins - FailureWell, thank you very much, oh deck of mine, for giving me a cheerful place to start in this new endeavor. Failure.  A card about things not working out, not coming to fruition, never working out the way we hoped.  Gee, a nice optimistic place to start.

You'll find many people who use the Tarot regularly will talk about how their deck seems to have a 'personality', or that different decks they use, or the decks of other people, differ in their personality or approach.  I've certainly heard this said about my deck, particularly by friends.  One of the qualities often ascribed to it is that it's got a pretty dark sense of humour.  I'm putting the fact that this is the first card out of the deck down to this.

As for meaning…  Well, this is a disks card, so assigned to the element earth.  It's about physical things, things you can touch.  It therefore tends to be about the more 'worldly' matters – money, health, physical items.  I tend to describe this card to clients as saying it's a card of autumn – a card about dying back or dying away.  The energy is all about physical things become weaker or less effective.  If it's in direct answer to a question the fact that the card is failure tends to indicate that all will not be well; it can represent the failure of an enterprise, or ill health, or a loss of money.

Generally it's not a card of disaster (other cards in the deck represent that just fine) but rather that things are going to be harder for a while and that outcomes are not going to be as positive as we hope.  I'd not read it as permanent failure, but with more of a 'not right now' sense.

It's often said that to read the Tarot you have to have a deck that suits you, that you feel comfortable with.  I really like my deck – in fact, it's the only deck I've ever seen that I have very positive feelings about.  I think one of the reasons for this is that it's a deck that's prepared to give bad news, that is prepared to tell you if things are not going to work out right now.

If I receive nothing but positives from an information source I just don't trust it – the Universe, in my experience, is far from a continually pleasant place.  Sickness happens.  Disappointment happens.  Failure happens.  If I'm working with a deck of cards that is meant to represent the complete spectrum of my experience of the world it's important that those negatives are well represented.  A deck that was permanently pastel shaded and shiny would lose my trust just as quickly as a friend who always told me that I was doing the right thing and constantly reassured me that everything was always going to be fine.

Life contains rough patches, Failure as well as Success.  A deck has to be able to tell you when Failure is coming so that you can get ready for it.  Of course, you have to be able to listen when it tries to tell you that… but that's a whole other issue.

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