Changing chapters – The Old Aeon

Whenever the Aeon card comes up in a predictive reading for a client, I tend to give much the same spiel: "When you think back on your life, you tend to naturally divide it into chapters, or sections. The time I lived at that house, the period in that job, that particular relationship. Aeon represents the movement from one chapter to another."

Most decks have a 'Judgement Day' card in them, but the Thoth Deck has the Aeon, more fitting with Crowley's concept of Aeonics. The world doesn't just run along for a time and then end in a final judgement, but instead it will periodically shift from Aeon to Aeon. Different phases of history, or humanities relationship with the divine.

There are deeper spiritual truths associated with this concept, but when doing a spread which is about life, about here and now, this description gives a pretty good sense of it. Change is coming, and it's going to be considerable. Not simply the Change of the 2 of Disks – which I would normally describe as 'what you see out of your window each day is going to be different' – but a more profound change. "The rules of life are going to be different. You will be living in a different way, your experience of reality will be different, this will be a chapter break in your autobiography."

I've just passed through into a new Aeon. It's pretty great so far. Not that the old one was bad.

I moved to London in 2000. I'd been living in Oxford for five years because it was packed with friends and interesting people to talk to. But I was becoming profoundly bored. The same conversations seemed to keep coming up, the same emotional dramas, the same plans that never came to fruition. People I loved were starting to irritate me. I was starting to irritate myself.

One day a friend phoned me up and said he was fed up with having to commute to London, so he was moving to West London. He asked if I wanted to come too. I said yes. From that moment I was moving to London. I've never gone back to check whether his offer was entirely serious – but we shared a house for five years, so I think he had the opportunity to mention it if he was just being polite.

Mind you, he is very polite. He may just have spent five years avoiding an awkward conversation.

The decision to leave London took a bit longer. Over the course of the last few years the girl and I were starting to notice that when we had a free weekend we were much more likely to travel away from London than further into it. Trips home resulted in less excitement about being in a thriving city, and more frustration about how ugly and over-full much of it was. The green spaces started to feel like the best of what it had to offer.

If you ever live there it's fairly clear from the outset that London doesn't give a crap about you as an individual – it has no personal relationship with you, doesn't feel the need to make itself welcoming or easy to deal with, won't remember you when you step away. For a long time that was rather invigorating, and I enjoyed the challenge and the constant change at the heart of it all. But eventually it became just a bit tiring… it might be nice to have a meaningful relationship with a place.

The fact that rents were going up by 11% a year when my salary was going up by 1% was certainly not welcoming either.

Eventually a day came when (after a particularly egregious rent rise) I said "Bugger it, let's make it happen," and we started a 15 month plan to leave. Which has we've now completed.

The Aeon has turned. I'm now sitting in my office looking out across an utterly gorgeous green valley. I've officially become a part of the People's Republic of Stroud. I've never fallen in love with a place I call home quite like this before.

All of which is a long way of saying that you can no longer track me down for Tarot readings in West London, but if you're in South Gloucestershire you should be able to find me. It's well worth a visit. It's gorgeous here. And being surrounded by beauty just makes people happier, which makes them nicer, which creates a community of which you want to be a part.

The Aeon also a change in the Lore – the rules of life are different, your experience of reality shifts, the world which you experience changes. It is beyond place, or work, or friends, it is a change in your consciousness. It's why the chapters of your life have a different feel, or colour, or pattern to them. The Aeons of your life are movements through levels of understanding and relationship with existence, a progression in your soul's journey. One hopes these are movements towards growth, deepening, greater participation, greater understanding. Making a change of Aeon isn't easy – things are lost, patterns break, relationships shift – but with luck, from time to time, you'll outgrow one reality and need to move into a bigger, brighter, more beautiful, one.

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