Personal Development Coaching

If you are interested in developing an ongoing relationship where we can deal with a wider selection of issues, a series of Personal Development sessions may suit you. Individual sessions with the Tarot are sometimes not sufficient for someone who wishes to look at a series of issues, or explore self development to a deeper level.

Note that I am a fully trained Clinical Hypnotherapist (more details about my practice can be found here), and a member of General Hypnotherapy Register (an organisation that ensures a high level of training and professional conduct) and I have training in counseling, but I am not a BACP registered counselor.  My work as a Personal Development coach is not aimed at offering therapy for particular psychological conditions but rather an opportunity to explore new perspectives on life, talk through new philosophies, and explore techniques for tackling emotional blocks, and fears, that may be inhibiting your development.

It is often useful to get a different perspective on your life, and to work through issues that concern or frustrate you, in a structured way. I will help you with this process through a series of linked sessions, in which we will have time to discuss different issues in your life in the context of where you are and where you wish to be.

I will particularly look at how these issues can be illuminated through considering philosophies such as Taoism, the Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism, and other esoteric teachings. As ever, sticking close to the philosophy of Weird Shit not Bullshit, my intention will be to present ideas in a meaningful, and useful, way without indulging in some of the impractical or misinterpreted ideas sometimes associated with these philosophies.

By looking at areas such as career, love life, attitudes towards pain and failure, long term goals, identity and feelings about change, I can leave you feeling better equipped to deal with the complexities of life, and with a fresh and positive attitude.

An initial course of 5 one hour counseling sessions costs £200. If you're interested, please phone me on 07910 193280 or email me here with your details.