As well as working with individuals, I also work with groups at events. Either through giving Lectures, or doing Tarot Readings at events.

Tarot Reading – People running events or parties have sometimes found it interesting to have a Tarot Reader in attendance – cover my fee for the evening and I'll read for everyone I have time to see. In the past I've been the reader in residence for events run by organisation like The White Company and even the V&A and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This tends to work best at events that aren’t too noisy and rowdy, or at the least that have somewhere reasonably quiet and more private where I can work (the V&A allowed me to work in the stunning Music Room, which is exactly the kind of surroundings that I think I should work in all the time – but if you can't match it, don't worry too much).

Fees for events are arranged on an individual basis. If you’d like me to attend an event you are organising, you can phone me on 07910 193280 or contact me via email.

Lectures/Workshops – I am available to gives talks, or run workshops, at events based on either the Tarot, or my more general interests and knowledge in Weird Shit and Magic. This site should give you a general introduction to my interests and attitudes, and if you think I have something to say that your visitors would be interesting in hearing, contact me and we can arrange a topic to cover. I am currently particularly interested in talking about general attitudes towards Weird Shit, Magic in the 21st Century, Hypnotherapy and the general philosophy by which we live our lives.

Recent talks

Given to the Circle of Ankerwycke (A Pagan organisation based in Staines)
"Fondling the elephant – understanding Chaos Magic, the Universe and Everything"
James Warlock is a Hypnotherapist and professional Tarot reader, who has been involved in various magical practices for over fifteen years. When he initially began to study subjects related to magic, paganism, and spirituality he found a lot he didn't like – too many books were too vague, or too authoritarian, or just too badly written. Then something wonderful happened – he picked up a book about magic, and found that it made him laugh. Deliberately, rather than inadvertently. This turned out to be a book on Chaos Magic, so he read more – and found not only things that amused him, but things he agreed with. Rather than attempting to lay down a fixed viewpoint on the way Magic and the Universe works, Chaos Magic attempts to take account of all viewpoints, experiences, and approaches, boiling them down to their essence and taking the best of each ("best" often being judged by "what works"). Chaos Magic is not prescriptive, but instead is experimental, emphasizing personal results, personal understanding, and a more light hearted attitude towards the nature of reality. In this talk James will give a personal view-point on Chaos magic, it's underlying philosophy, and most commonly used techniques. He'll also talk about some of his own experiences with magic, and what exactly it all has to do with fondling an elephant.

Given to the Pagan Society at the University of Kent
Magic, Will and Ego
This talk looks at some theories of magic – why it works, what may be possible, and, perhaps more importantly, why it doesn't work. If magic is 'bringing about change in accordance to the Will' what exactly is this Will? It's clearly something beyond simple 'willpower', effort, or 'want', but what exactly does it mean? In this talk James Warlock, who has worked with various techniques of magic for over ten years, discusses his own experiences with experimental magic, and puts them firmly in the context of personal development. Ego, and personality structures, appear to block magic, whilst living 'within intent' almost seems to remove the need for ritual acts of magic, as the Universe appears to cooperate with your actions. The magical path seems to lead inevitably to the need for self development, understanding the limitations we put on ourselves, and finding out what we really wanted all along. This talk covers discussion of techniques that can help move us along our path, but also explores some of the theory behind it all.