Example Reading – Chaos Star Spread

Some time back I posted about a Chaos Star Spread which I'd come across online, designed by a Phil H (his blog has some nice stuff on it).  I've been meaning to give it a go and write about the results, so here goes:

My reading, for myself, came up as follows:

  1. External Conflicts – Queen of Wands
  2. Mental State – 5 of Cups, Disappointment
  3. Sex and Passion – Lust
  4. Self Confidence/Ego – 2 of Wands, Virtue
  5. Love/Relationships – The Lovers
  6. Wealth – Knight of Discs
  7. Self Destructive Habits – 7 of Swords, Futility
  8. Magickal Self – The Hermit

Note: I laid out the cards clockwise, rather than anti-clockwise as Phil H did – this is purely because the clockwise configuration agrees more closely with how I'd normally visualise the Chaos Star.

So what does that all mean?  I'm never terribly good at reading for myself, but actually as readings go this is pretty clear for me.  I'll go into details of what I think these cards are about after the jump, but the short version is that this spread makes a lot of sense in terms of what's happening to me in life at the moment.  It gives a good 'snap shot' of the present time – no great detail is given, but this spread looks to give a good way of 'checking in' with a range of general areas and concepts.  There are things that are missing (nothing about health, for instance) but then, that's the limitation of the original symbol.  But if you're at least somewhat magickally minded this would appear to be a useful spread to whip out now and again and get an over-view.  If a particular position seems interesting or confusing it would be a good prompt for a more detailed spread covering a specific area.

So, for those interested in how I interpret cards in a spread like this, this is my more detailed take on what the individual cards represent in this particular spread:

External Conflicts – Queen of wands.  This at first glance seems like stating the bleeding obvious, in that the Queen of wands is all about conflict and confrontation.  So my conflicts are confrontations… but actually, this is fair because I do have an ongoing issue around the fact that I don't like getting into direct confrontations and therefore tend to avoid them and prolong conflict.  There is one particular one at the moment that really needs my attention, so perhaps I should get on with that then…

Mental State – Disappointment.  This is a card of feeling a bit let down, or a bit disappointed about how things have turned out.  For mental state this doesn't seem all that important right now – admittedly I'm suffering from the after affects of having come back from holiday, and therefore everyday life feels a bit disappointing compared to wandering around the Lake District for a week… but that feels like more of an emotional affect that a mental.  But then, this spread doesn't have a position for emotional affects, so if we take this as 'the way my mind currently is' both intellectual and emotional, this makes more sense.  London looks a bit ugly and dull right now and I'm not desperately enthused by it all.

Sex and Passion – Lust.  Well, that's encouraging.  I can't imagine a better card for this position, given it features the most delightful Babalon front and centre – goddess of sacred sexuality (to me at least).  I suspect that this is the result of recent magick I've been doing in this area to reconnect with the Babalonian current – if she's governing this area of my life, that's pretty positive, or at least suggests the ride will be interesting.

Self confidence/Ego – Virtue.  This I find very interesting – I would normally describe Virtue as meaning 'being true to your real self' which is in many ways directly counter to the limitations of ego.  It would suggest to me a high, and integrated, level of self confidence at the moment, which is actually somewhat better than I would expect.  It's encouraging to see and suggests personal work is going well at the moment.

Love/Relationships – The Lovers.  Well, that's pretty positive too – I never see the Lovers as being a terribly romantic card, more about being in the right place at the right time, being brought together with someone or something that you need to encounter in order to learn more.  With Babalon in Sex this seems to indicate that I'm heading in the right direction with this part of my life at the moment.

Wealth – Knight of Discs.  The Kinght of Discs is all about hard work being done well, and indeed my recent decisions have been about agreeing to take on more stable, mundane, work in return for material rewards.

Self Destructive Habits – Futility.  This is an interesting one – Futility tends to be about poor communication, about not being listened to or not being able to get your point across effectively.  Poor communication is not something I particularly associate with myself, however I do sometimes have a habit of not 'following through' with communication.  Perhaps this is related to the bad relationship with conflict at the moment too, as I may back out of communication when it gets 'hard' rather than making sure that I get my point across.  Or it could be that I'm really inconsistent with my blog posts… 🙂

Magickal Self – The Hermit.  The Hermit is often about a journey into oneself and I associate it with retreats, meditation or journeying inwards.  This is certainly a part of my life, but I would take it as encouraging more… more time spent going inwards.  It's also associated with the feeling of being a bit isolated or alone, and in magickal terms I can relate to that also.

It's hard to read for yourself under the best of circumstances, but I think this spread is nice and focused and therefore gives you good building blocks to create an understanding around.  There's not much room for ambiguity and each position has something specific to say.  That's a real help and makes for a good 'checking in' spread.

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