Frequently asked questions

Are you some kind of Fortune Teller then?

Depends what you mean by the term. I do not, generally, use the Tarot to try and predict the future. See my discussion on "Why have a Tarot Reading?" for a further discussion of this point. But I do use the Tarot as a way of getting a different perspective on what is happening in someone's life, and what events may influence that. But I don't think I'd describe myself as what most people seem to think a Fortune Teller would be.

What do you mean by Weird Shit?

See my discussion on this sites philosophy for details.

Are you Psychic?

I tend to think not, no. This is possibly because I spend quite a bit of my time with people who are very psychic, and have far more psychic talent than I do. I do not see visions, hear voices, see spirits, etc. I have, however, over the years developed fairly powerful intuitive skills which I use when reading, and when exploring Magic. When I’m working I sometimes find myself ‘knowing’ far more than I logically should do, and I’m pretty accurate with these ‘insights’. But I don’t particularly classify this as ‘being psychic’ because I think it’s what anyone can achieve if they take the time and make the effort to learn.

Which Tarot Deck do you use?

I use the Deck of Thoth. I’ve always liked it because it’s beautiful, powerful, and gives very strong, no-nonsense, answers to questions.

This all seems rather interesting, where can I learn more?

The best way for now is to sign up for my newsletter – that way I'll send you something interesting on Weird Shit or the Tarot once a week.

You say that 95% of what's written about Weird Shit is Bullshit – where can I find the other 5%?

Although personal opinion and attitude will always have an effect on exactly what makes sense to you, I'd suggest you could do worse than start with the work of the following authors:
Phil Hine
Jan Fries
Ramsey Dukes
Robert Anton Wilson

Does magic(k) really work?