Great books about spirituality, tarot and magick

On the main site I've added a list of books about magick, Tarot and spirituality.  These are all books that I own and love for one reason or another.

Since first becoming interested in these topics I've found that whilst many, many books have been written, really very few good books have ever graced our shelves.  Everyone's has their own idea about what makes a good book, but I'm always looking for books that are clear, intelligently written, based on real experience and don't involve flights of fancy on the part of the author.  I've seen too many books about the re-incarnation of Merlin, or the inevitable doom of the human race, or how the author was personally chosen by angels to bring a message to mankind.  Too many books are muddle headed, inconsistent and lacking a grounding in a real experience of the every-day.  All of the books on my list pass the 'sanity test' – my impression is they are all written by someone you could sit down with in a pub and have a reasonable conversation without starting to feel creeped out (well, with the exception for Crowely… but he gets a pass for other reasons).

So if you're interested in these topics, please head over to the list and have a read.  And if you know a book that should definitely be on the list drop me a line, or a comment, and tell me about it – I'm always looking for an excuse to expand my library.

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