Hermetic Library under threat

Over at Heterodoxology they have concerning news that a famous library of occult and hermetic works is under threat.

The Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica (BPH, or Ritman Library) in Amsterdam has been a very important institution for research into hermetic philosophy and related currents, particularly early modern Rosicrucianism and alchemy, for decades. In a dramatic and very unsettling turn of events, the library’s existence as we know it is now being threatened.

I'd not come across the BPH before, but it sounds like a fascinating collection. Who doesn't dream of having access to a vast collection of occult works from over the centuries?  Not that I'm one to particularly believe that they contain The Answer, by as a historical record (and collection of art) they look fascinating.

You can go here to read more and sign a petition to try and keep the collection together.

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