Oh bugger…

So today was the day I was planning on making a great return to the blog.  Refreshed after a splendid week in the Lake District, with tales to tell, observations to make and more experiences to write about.  Although it was a tricky journey to get home, to say the least, I arrived back at my flat feeling pretty damn good about life.  Then I opened the front door.  And found water all over the floor.  "This can't be good" I thought.

It would appear that whilst I'd left my heating to come on at regular intervals whilst I was away, the person in the flat above mine had not.  Hence a burst pipe and water throughout my flat.  I am therefore camped out in the Scarlet Girl's living room, with a laptop, feeling slightly sorry for myself.

Well, okay, not that sorry for myself.  It could have been a lot worse.  The water mostly came down into the kitchen and then soaked through the rest of the flat which means that whilst it's taken out food and my collection of cookery books, most of my important gear has survived.  The occult library is in tact (which is what I choose to call the book shelves in my room filled with my weirdshit books) as have most of my others books, computer and… well, really most things are fine.  I'm just homeless for a couple of weeks while it dries out, gets re-carpeted and re-decorated.  Frustrating, upsetting, but really… it could have been so much worse.

This does mean, however, I don't have an idle couple of days to put together a bunch of new blog posts.  But they will be coming soon – I've got plenty to write about banishing rituals, gods I have met, some of the slightly peculiar weirdshit I've been involved with, and even a complete spiritual theory of the Universe… if I can find the time to write it down.  Not to mention some pretty pictures of going for a walk across a Lake – sadly not an indication of my burgeoning divine powers, more of the fact it was bloody cold in the Lakes.  I hope you'll still stick around and give this all a read in the new year.

Until then, continue to enjoy the festivities of the season, and I wish you all the very best.

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