Tarot readings

Note: I'm currently taking a break from reading for clients – I need to focus on other parts of my life for now. I hope I will return to reading for people again before too much longer, so do check back.

I may occasionally be persuaded to give a reading via Skype, so if you're a Skype user it might be worth trying to contact me. Also I've been blessed with some great ongoing relationship with some clients – if I've worked with you quite a bit before, and you feel I can help you again, drop me an email, and I'll see what I can do.



My sessions last for an hour, and I am usually able to do three or four detailed spreads in that time. This means I can begin with a generalised spread about whatever situation interests you, and then we can focus in on particular areas or themes that you wish to get more information about.

I charge £45 for a one hour session, which you can pay by cash or by cheque. Sorry, but I am unable to take cards in person at the moment.

If you’re wondering whether a Tarot Reading would be useful to you, click here for a discussion on the possible reasons for having a spread, and why they may be of benefit. If you’re curious about how the Tarot ‘works’ then click here for a discussion of some theories.