Tarot readings

My Tarot sessions last for an hour, and I am usually able to do three or four detailed spreads in that time. This means I can begin with a generalised spread about whatever situation interests you, and then we can focus in on particular areas or themes that you wish to get more information about. Please note, whilst the future will inevitably come up I'm not generally interested in 'fortune telling' – I think Tarot is much more valuable as a tool for self insight and understanding. It's much better to be told how to change your future to the one you want it to be, rather than simply what's going to happen

I charge £45 for a one hour session. To arrange an online reading, contact me here with details of when you're free. Once you've arranged a reading, you can go here to pay for the reading.

If you’re wondering whether a Tarot Reading would be useful to you, click here for a discussion on the possible reasons for having a spread, and why they may be of benefit. If you’re curious about how the Tarot ‘works’ then click here for a discussion of some theories.