The magickian's cycle

The magickian's cycle is, in essence, as follow:

  • Become very enthusiastic about magick
  • Practice magick in a regular and dedicated fashion
  • Have an crisis – either external or existential
  • Sulk
  • Stop practicing magick
  • Rest
  • Repeat

Okay, perhaps I should say that it is this magickian's cycle, but I have reason to believe I'm not alone in passing through these stages.

The thing about magick is that it induces change – and not always the change you intend.  I had a friend who was involved with a group who committed themselves to working through a series of magickal exercises over the course of a year.  When one exercise was mastered they'd move on to the next, progressing forward each month.  When they checked in after six months they were startled to discover how little progress they'd made through the stages, but each confessed they had been distracted by what was happening in the rest of their lives.  There were relationship break ups, relationships starting, jobs changing, moves from one house to another… generally everyone was feeling that their whole lives were being turned upside down.

When I worked with a magickal group a few years back the year that followed our six months of work together saw marriage, engagement, pregnancy, break ups, house moves, depression and the ending of long term friendships.

Magick really makes things happen.  Practising magick on a regular basis seems to push the accelerator on life.  More stuff starts happening.  Your luck can veer more to the extremes of good and bad, issues that have been simmering in the background may come to a head rapidly, and decisions you were sitting on for a long while suddenly come to a head.

I couldn't tell you why, exactly, this is the nature of magick.  But over the years I've come to the conclusion that if you're practising regularly and nothing much is changing in your life then you aren't doing it right…

…well, either that or you are actually, genuinely, in harmony with the state of your life.

I think it is occasionally useful to look at life from the point of view that we are co-creators in our own world.  That to an extent we create the events that are going on around us.  We put out a certain energy into the world and it attracts certain events, certain people, certain 'story lines'.  We see this in people who seem to always get involved in the same type of relationship (good or bad) or who seem to repeat the same pattern of 'luck' over and over again.  It's as if they are creating those events around them over and over again.  As if a certain energy passes through us, is refracted and redirected by our neuroses, beliefs and thought patterns and then passes out into the world to manifest events.

I think practising magick results in turning up the tap on this energy.

More energy flows through us, hits our 'issues' that much harder and goes spiralling away to create more powerful, more vivid, and more extreme events.  The positive side of this is splendid – we get moments of terrific luck, feel vividly alive and exactly where we are supposed to be.  We may meet the kind of person we've been looking for for years, find opportunities open up for us, may find that random events keep contriving to work in our favour.  But the negative side can really suck – unstable relationships go crashing over a cliff, flawed careers collapse around us, fears manifest into real experiences.

Sounds dreadful… and yet. There's a gift in it if you are paying attention.  By living through our issues, by coming face to face with our fears, by having the "it'll have to do" be stripped away, we are given opportunities.  We get a chance to see the patterns, because now they are writ large.  The "I'll just have to settle for this" gets knocked aside forcing us to find something better.  The problem which we were trying to ignore sits fronts and centre and challenges us to finally deal with it.  Denial stops being an option.

Basically we get a chance to evolve.  Pushing the accelerator pedal of magick means it all happens a damn sight faster than it normally would.

On the positive side – if parts of our life are strengthened during such intense periods, if relationship stay strong and friends grow closer… that's a pretty good indicator that we are really in harmony with those things, that they are really right for us, are things we should trust in and enjoy.

But it can all get pretty hard work… hence the magickian's cycle.  At some point I tend to go "Enough already! Magick is meant to make my life better, not give me more and more crap to deal with!  This isn't fair!  I quit!"  And I sulk (often at the Universe as a whole, which really is massively counter-productive – but hey, it started it).  I stop practising.  And to some extent, I rest.  I once heard someone describe it as 'lying fallow' and I can't think of a better metaphor for these periods of non-practice.

I used to berate myself for this cycle (particularly the sulking) wishing I could keep on pushing through. But now I think it may be necessary.  We have to slow down sometimes, rest, re-evaluate, and do something else.  Besides, as I've got older, I've found that my periods of practice last longer and are more intense – which suggests to me that more and more things are coming into harmony.  I've just hit 5 months of a very intense daily practice, and frankly I'm astonished it's lasted this long.

Of course, I'm currently homeless due to flooding, and horribly short on cash, but that would have happened anyway.  Right?

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  1. -ZZ says:

    Life is about ups and downs. Magick just picks up the beat.

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