The sites they are a changin'

So it's becoming obvious that, as I'm now spending more time on this site once again, that it is a little… old. I mean, it's still beautiful to me, but definitely old. I'm very sorry to those of you who are coming by via phone and tablet… we're really not designed for you modern folks around here at the moment.

Therefore, I'm going to be trying to make some changes in the near future – tweaks and updates that'll hopefully see me through until 5 years after direct neural input has become the standard way to read web-pages.

My css skills are limited, my visual design aesthetics dubious, but my technical over-confidence knows no bounds. So sorry in advance if things get a bit weird on here from time to time. Hopefully a nice modern design will turn up in a while… But I'm keeping the colour scheme and logo, because I still love them.

On the positive side, I am working on a whole bunch of new content… and by working on, I mean repeatedly hitting technical difficulties which I'm slowly working my way around (and my computer has taken to crashing about five times a day at utterly random intervals, which always makes working more fun). But you should be seeing much more of me on here very soon… Who knows, I might even write a new newsletter… That'll be a hell of a shock to people that signed up five years ago…

Anway – new stuff, new look, in the works. I hope to god this isn't one of those 'resolution to change' blog posts that comes back to haunt me in a year…

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