Where to start with magick and weirdshit?

A friend recently expressed an interesting in beginning to pursue and explore magick. This, naturally, without her really asking, inspired me to come up with a vast amount of advice on how to start and what to consider doing. So as not to unduly burden her, I thought I'd write it down here instead.

I think the magickal process can be divided into three main phases –

        Messing around
        Getting things sorted
        Making the ascent

Let me take them in turn.

Whilst 'messing around' sounds pretty frivolous, I think it's an incredibly important phase. You've reached a point in life where you are prepared to conceed that things spiritual may have some reality, that weirdshit may actually be a real thing, that this magickal stuff you've been hearing about might actually… work? So what do you do?

The burning question I had at the start of my journey was quite simple – what's possible?

I wanted to know what I could do, what could be achieved, how far would reality bend, what could *other* people do, how did it all work? Just how weird would reality get…

I think messing around is the best way to find this out – by which I mean 'try stuff'. At first I don't think it's necessary to have a particular goal in mind, or even a particular interest, philosophy of creed. If anything, this may get in the way. Start off by trying, and seeing what works, what doesn't, what makes you feel good, and what gives you a burning sense of embarrassment. Almost every magickal worker has a number of things in each of these categories locked away in their memory.

Most importantly, however, the purpose of 'messing around' it to warp, twist, and maybe even break your current sense of reality. The world is way weirder than you think it is, but you're not going to believe it until you see it. More than once. To fully embark on a spiritual journey you have to fully know that it's real. You may believe it's real now, but you don't know it's real. Knowing takes direct, first hand, experience. Books and interesting conversations aren't going to do it – you need to feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you need to shiver in fear and excitement, you need to have a "I just can't believe it…" moment. Messing around is what will get you there.

Good ways to mess around – try divination (Runes are a great place to start, as they are quick to learn, then maybe try some tarot), try some direct magick (sigils are an old stand-by – quick to learn, hit and miss, but you'll have some weird experiences), pray to a god (get over yourself and just try it – you'll probably be surprised), get out into the magickal landscape (meditate at stone circles, visit sacred sites in the middle of the night, go to places that feel 'spooky' and see what happens).

Bad ways to mess around – complex ritual magick (too slow to learn, you'll get bored), Crowley (too hard to read), Goetia (don't even think about it – it really will fuck you up), dedicating yourself permanently to a single path of godform (no matter how good an idea it is – don't get married on your first date. Play the field for a bit).

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  1. Amy Angevine says:

    I concur. I am in the latter 2 stage, i would like to hear more on your research. Sincerely A,A.

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